The mobilefold is designed for maximum results...

•Helps Protect Your Visual Presentation -The design ensures consistent folds regardless of garment size or style.

•Built To Last -The unit is constructed specifically for commercial use with a steel frame, snag-resistant plastic panels and pliable joints to be both flexible and durable.

•Adjustable Center Panel -The center panel is adjustable from 7 to 13 inches (junior model adjusts 4 to 7 inches) to achieve various folding widths and to create different visual effects.

•Easily Maneuverable -Its narrow design and steel mounted casters make it easy to guide through tight display aisles. 31"L x (12" to 33")W x 36"H base 21"W.

•Attractive Design -The unit is available in a variety of smudge-resistent colors to coordinate with store decor and maintain a professional presentation for use during store hours.

•Useful Workstation -Its mobility and ergonomic design makes the unit easy for both men and women to use most anywhere on the display floor. It also features a utility shelf.

•Minimal Storage -The unit is lightweight and fold down in just a few easy steps to pack away snugly for easy storage.

U. S. Patent No. 6,269,987; 6,015,069; 6,561,392; 6,953,134 and Foreign Patents. U. S. and Foreign Patents Pending.
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