An idea that had been mentally tucked away was dusted off, researched, designed, and developed into an invention forever changing the way retailers fold and merchandise their apparel.

With an extensive background in working in the retail industry for 20 + years, one of the company founders, Christine LaPace, knew first hand the apparel folding challenges that retailers are faced with each and every day. She knew there had to be an easier and better way to accomplish the monotonous task of folding. From this inspiration, came an idea for a device that began as a folding aid and evolved into a system that has streamlined the merchandising process, and is a staple in most major U.S. department stores. This folding tool was named the Mobilefold™.

The Mobilefold™ quickly made retailing history, and is the Company's signature product. The Mobilefold™ is designed to fold shirts, pants, and towels quickly and easily with a consistent fold every time. The Mobilefold™ is 50% faster then folding by hand and 27% faster than conventional folding boards based on time and motion studies. Small, medium, and large sizes fold up the same every time. It is adjustable to accommodate various size widths as well as a variety of fixture sizes and inventory levels. Most importantly, it ensures a consistent visual presentation regardless of the operator or store location. The introduction of the Mobilefold™ to retailers has significantly reduced folding time and freed floor associates to tend to store customers and to sell more goods.


Since the launch of the Mobilefold™, Customer Minded Associates (CMA) has evolved into a much larger company specializing in innovative tailor-made retail solutions that streamline the merchandising process, cut expenses, and increase productivity and workplace safety. We now offer a comprehensive line of multi-use merchandising products. CMA products make managing the merchandising process more effective, and help get goods to the floor and out the door faster and more efficiently. CMA's Full Circle Merchandising Program includes customer support and a complete product line of customer-certified back room and on the floor solutions that are immediately available and ready to ship.

When retailers have a particular challenge for which a merchandising solution needs to be designed, CMA is the only vendor who offers a Merchandising Analysis Program that provides broad consultative and analytic services coupled with the unique ability to design highly customized products that solve retailing problems.

CMA's entire innovative product line has been developed in response to rendering solutions to challenges posed by its customers.

Says Jeff LaPace, President and Company Founder, "We specialize in creating innovative tailor-made retail solutions for effective management of the entire merchandising process to help get our customers' goods to the floor and out the door faster and more efficiently. Our Full Circle Merchandising Program now includes low-cost merchandising analysis without obligation to purchase, and we waive the cost of analysis upon receipt of a Purchase Order. There is no risk and no obligation to purchase."


Customer Minded Associates' products are available to all retailers, businesses, and consumers. We sell direct and through distributors in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Thailand. Clients utilizing our products are world wide and include Sears, JC Penney, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Levis and Dockers, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Pacific Sunwear, Brice, and the military exchanges to name a few.


Our company name, Customer Minded Associates, speaks for itself. Treating our customers right has gone a long way towards establishing ourselves as a reputable and successful business. We pride ourselves in providing high levels of excellent customer service along with one-on-one personal customer assistance and ongoing support. Whether it's standing behind our products, answering our phones, returning our messages, or emailing promptly, we believe small efforts make a big difference.